ring pro keep flashing white during setup

Got a doorbell pro and having problem setting up.

My existing doorbell is BROAN model 950W, which is in the compatibility list. First I installed the pro power kit (connected “transformer” and “front” terminals), then get rid of existing doorbell from the wall and connected Ring doorbell pro. Once power up, the light at the top of the circle is keep flashing. According to the installation note, ring pro needs time to prepare for setup and may take up an hour. I’ve waited more than one and half hour, the circle keep flashing, and it doesn’t continue around the circle, only the top portion of the circle is flashing.

Anyone can help what else I can do to finish the setup? Thanks!

Hi @henry8866 ! How is your device doing now? Take a look at this help article, which I think may help explain the flashing white light. Let us know how we can further assist!

Thanks Jennifer for your response. I’ve waited more than one day and it keeps blinking the top part. Doesn’t have any progress. Based on research from internet, it seems the internal battery is bad and can’t be charged. I took it down and ready to send it back.

Thank you for the update, @henry8866 ! This definitely does not seem normal. Would you please give our support team a call at your earliest convenience so a team member can further assist and get your device up and running to its full potential? Thank you!