Ring pro is there a way to turn off the ring light at night

I just got my ring pro but the location of my doorbell is close to the side of the brick wall. I see at night the light from the “ring” that is white is making the night vision look like crap . if i put my finger next to the side that is shinning off the brink it is better. Is there a way to turn off the ring light? I was able to do this with vivint at the old place but they are not here.

I believe there’s no option to turn off the lights on the Ring video doorbell pro. Have you tried using the included corner kit to angle the device going to the right or left and so that the lights will not reflect on the wall?

The problem you have is exactly the same as I have, a close wall with the light reflecting off it, my solution was to carefully cut a ring from black card covering the light ring and stick it in place. This reduces the light at night and totally during the day. Ring should really provide an adjustment to set the intensity.