Ring pro is dead. Checked everything else is working. Approx 2 years old.

Ring pro is dead. Checked everything else is working. Approx 2 years old.

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Hey @Jon5014ren! It sounds like the Doorbell Pro is not receiving power. I recommend checking the internal chime kit is working which wil indicate power is flowing, as well as the wiring connections to ensure nothing is crossed or disconnected.

If you’ve checked the above and it is not powering up, please try a reset on the device by holding down the setup button for 20 seconds, while connected to power. If there are lights on the Pro, try a new setup to see if it will connect to wifi as intended. Let us know if this works! :slight_smile:

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Same issue that I’ve had.

It’s likely now a brick like mine is and it looks like a few others on here.

All tech support does is offer the same “fixes”; charge the bettery and try to reset or hard reset. I’ve opened my Ring 2 and nothing appears to be obviously corroaded or burned.

All Ring will say is that since it’s now out of warranty, there’s nothing they can do, but they’ll offer you a $100 off coupon to buy a new one. If they’re offering that much off, sounds like it’s a pretty common issue…

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I tried the reset nothing happens. I think the battery is dead.

Tried reset. Nothing, its done.

How can I get one of the $100 coupons? My pro went dead on Halloween.

If a reset did not work, it is best to give our support team a call. They’ll be able to take a further look into this for you. Thanks.

I’m having the exact same problem, two years to the month and its dead! Tried everything, power is fine, all is good, doorbell is dead. Seems to be a chronic problem that these die at two years!

Same here… although ours made it almost 3 years. Confirmed there is still power on the wires, but the doorbell is a total brick… no lights or anything.

Give customer service a try. I’ve seen some people get replacements for devices out of warranty. It’s worth a shot if you can’t get it to work.

Not even bothering… it’s never worked very well to begin with… late notifications, or none at all, can’t connect to it when outside of my home via my Samsung S10.

Switching to Nest, which gets betters reviews from all the tech sites.