Ring Pro installation with 220v Doorbell


I have 2 - 220v doorbells. These door bells do not use a step down transformer. They work on 220 v AC power.

How do I connect them to Ring Pro.

My Current setup is Ringer --> 220v AC Doorbell 1 --> 220v Doorbell 2

Kindly assist.

I have the same question, I think, relative to a Ring Doorbell 2. Here in Kenya there is 220v power, same as UK. When I connected the ring to the standard doorbell wiring, it burned out the doorbell. Evidently they don’t use a step down adaptor, the doorbells run on 220v-250v/50Hz power. Why the Ring would burn out the doorbell, which is expecting 220v, I don’t understand, but it happened. Twice. What do I need to do (assuming I haven’t also fried my Ring, which became very hot)?

I have the same problem. I live in Chile and the wire connection to the outside is 220 volts with no step down transformer. How do I install my ring?

Help please!!!

Hey there, neighbors! The Ring Pro requires a 16 to 24 VAC power supply, and is only rated to receive that amount of power. If there is not a low voltage transformer already in place, we recommend consulting with a licensed electrician to have one installed, especially when dealing with high voltage.

For neighbors in the UK, there is a Plug In Adapter available on our accessories page at Ring.com. @Alexus, as you are in Chile, I do not see this accessory option supported for your region, but you can certainly use a standard 16 to 24 VAC transformer found at any hardware store. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: