Ring Pro Installation on a standard electric box

Most newer houses are now installing doorbells on to a standard electric box. In California, this has been standard for a little over 20 years. The doorbell button is on a standard wall plate that screws into the electric box. This makes changing the button a breeze and you can buy decorative plates to easily install.

Unfortunately, the people at Ring have missed this phenomenon. The screws on the Ring doorbell won’t fit the holes in the electrical box. Further, even using the supplied retro kit it won’t fit. The retro kit isn’t wide enough and the screw holes are in the wrong place.

I called support and they were absolutely no help. Apparently nobody has provided them with a workable solution. I am very disappointed as this has got to be a common problem. One user on reddit has posted instruction to make an adapter if you have a 3D printer.

My solution? I purchased a 1-gang wood wall plate at my local hardware store and painted it black. It installs easily to the electrical box (xcrews were even provided). It has a hold in the center for the doorbell button wires. Then I simply and quickly installed my Ring doorbell to the wooden plate.

I’ve attached a photo. I probably could have been a little more careful with placing the doorbell on the cover plate, but it looks decent and works. Ring needs to do something to let people know about a solution.

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Thanks BakersfieldBobT for that information. I can’t believe that RING doesn’t know about electrical boxes! I did it a little differently than you. I purchased an unbreakable nylon face plate cover from Home Depot and drilled holes in it to match the RING mounting adapter. The only problem I had was, at my HOME DEPOT, they only carried the doorbell faceplate in plastic, and that will break when you drill it. All of the faceplates that had pre-existing holes in the middle (light switch type), the mounting holes don’t line up with the electrical box. You need to use either a blank faceplate or a doorbell faceplate. So, I used a blank nylon faceplate and drilled a larger hole in the center to pass the doorbell wires through. Worked perfectly and only cost $0.88!

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Hello, question, what type of screws did you use to attach the Ring plate to the other plate?