Ring Pro installation instructions unclear


I have bought a Ring Pro but sadly the installation instructions un unclear when it comes to a brand new install with no existing doorbell/wire/chime.

I have bought a 16.5AC / 37VA transformer and 18 AWG 2 conductors wire.

The issue is that some documents talk about using the Power Pro Kit v2, some talk about using a 50 watt 25 ohm wirewound resistor and some talk about nothing at all but transformer and doorbell.

Does the Ring pro need the wirewound resistor? Does the Power Pro Kit v2 replace that?

Even the Hardwired Transformer for Video Doorbell Pro sold on ring.com does not talk about the resistor…

Last thing I want is to fry my new doobell, thank you!

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I have the same issue. Some clarification would be great!

One thing that makes me doubt it is needed is that the plug-in transformer sold by ring wires directly to the ring doorbell without a resistor. However, the resistor could be within the plug-in and we wouldn’t know.

I am aware of this solved post: https://community.ring.com/t5/Video-Doorbells/Ring-Pro-directly-to-transformer/m-p/1337

While it does state that the pro power pack should be installed, it does not state that the resistor is not needed. The reason I need confirmation that it is not needed is that other documents state that it is needed and talk about a serious fire risk if not present: https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/205180710-How-to-Connect-Your-Ring-Video-Doorbell-Directly-to-a-Low-Voltage-Transformer-Without-a-Pre-existing-Doorbell-

Great question @p7775! The Doorbell Pro does not need a wire wound resistor, as that part is only required for our Battery powered devices. As the battery devices operate off the battery even when hardwired, a resistor is needed to regulate how much voltage reaches the battery powered Doorbell models for a charge and use of the existing chime kit.

The Pro, Pro Power Kit, and plug-in adapter all feature a power regulation of some sort. As The Pro is rated and designed for a continuous source of voltage and operates solely off power, it is able to be installed to a 16 - 24VAC power supply without any resistor. Also, if you are using a plug-in adapter, you will not need to use the Pro Power Kit. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Hello @Marley_Ring, thank you that is a great and complete answer!

Sorry to piggyback on this thread.

So if im using the ring pro with the transformer and no doorbell and no resistor, where do i install the power kit? Do i need to install it?

Hey @Guaro2k, happy to chime in here. If you’re looking to install your Doorbell Pro with no existing Doorbell circuit, then you’ll need to utilize a Plug-In Adapter for power. You can check out the Plug-In Adapter here. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

So I am trying to surprise my husband and install the Ring Pro as a gift . We currently do not have a door bell at all. I want to make sure I have all that is needed for when my friend comes to install. Do I need to order that transformer and wire?? Or are you stating all I would need is the plug in adapter? ( I thought this would be so much easier!!) Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Hey @LMLiebman! When there is no existing wiring, transformer, or chime kit where you are installing the Doorbell Pro, a Plug-in Adapter is the only thing needed to provide sufficient power for operation. The Plug-in Adapter is designed to power the Doorbell Pro conveniently by plugging into a nearby outlet and running the attached wire connections to the back of the Doorbell Pro. Keep in mind, the Plug-in Adapter only powers the Doorbell Pro and not a chime kit, in which a Ring Chime / Chime Pro can be used to obtain in home alert sounds. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: