Ring Pro Install Existing Wiring

I’m installing a Ring Video Doorbell Pro (Wired). Can someone help confirm if I can use the existing wiring?

The chime is very old. It is also set up to ring two different chimes. There are two doors on the house. Each door rings the same chime, but with different chime sound.

Attached is a picture.

If I need a transformer I can pick one up. But will I be able to piggy back off the chime and still keep one of the doors on old bell with one door on Ring?

Hey @JGillyAZ, happy to chime in with some information here. We actually have a chime kit compatibility list for the Doorbell Pro here, which will list the mechanical and digital chime kits we know are compatible with the Pro. I’d suggest checking to see if your chime kit falls into the compatible or the incompatible list. I would also recommend reviewing the installation process for the Doorbell Pro in this Help Center Article here, as it will help you check out the wiring and your transformer to ensure everything meets the requirements.