Ring Pro - HDR update?


I had an original ring doorbell under a covered porch, and the light vs dark discrepancy always caused the video to not be optimal. I ordered a Ring Pro because of the promised HDR update, staying with Ring instead of the nest hello which has HDR.

Do you have any updates on when this update will be available?


The HDR looks promising: http://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024512492-Using-the-HDR-High-Dynamic-Range-Toggle-on-Your-Ring-Device

Would like to see that in my Ring Pro too!

Thanks for sharing! We are always looking to improve your experience, and this would be a great feature request item. At this time the HDR toggle is only for the Video Doorbell 2 and the Spotlight Cam Battery. Your feedback is valued and we will pass it along to our team for consideration :slight_smile: