Ring Pro Firmware 2.1 caused TONS of Motion Alerts

I posted this on the “Ring Pro suddenly more sensitive” thread before realizing that it was marked as solved.

I called Ring support and found out they pushed a new Firmware 2.1 update to my Ring Pro on 2019-11-20 at 00:31. (November 20 at 12:31 AM)

Prior to that push, we were averaging 11 or so “motion alerts” per day.

After that push, it’s been NON-STOP motion alerts. Total of 69 yesterday, or over a 6x increase.

Today looks to be on track for a similar result.

Nothing in my neighborhood has changed. I have not gotten a new router or ISP or any change to the internet connection. The only thing that changed was a Ring Pro Firmware Update, and immediately after that, seeing a six-fold increase in alerts.

There was something in that latest Firmware Update that is causing the Ring Pro to be extremely sensitive (I think even the sun “moving” in the winter sky sets it off or a stray cloud in the horizon) and it’s made the doorbell basically unusable for us.

I am requesting that the Ring Team look into what changes were made in Firmware 2.1 that could be causing this issue (and consider rolling it back if a quick solution cannot be found).

If others are having issues with getting motion alerts every few minutes, I would recommend calling into support and find out:

  1. What Firmware version am I on?

  2. When was that Firmware version pushed?

and seeing if that happened to coincide with the sudden sensitivity of your doorbell.

Please post your results, hoping to get additional data points so it’s not just a survey of 1.

Am having the same sudden problem. The motion settings got changed from what I had them set. But, changing them back did no good. At least sensitiivty, it still records vehicle on the street about 50 feet away. Changing to People Only Mode does not help.

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Same problem here. Installed today. On lowest sesitivity but getting notifications of motion every minute or so.

I’m having the exact same problem and I’m tired of trying to convince Ring that they have a systemic issue with the latest firmware.

I also have the same problem. After near perfect use for over a year, the Ring is suddenly not picking up people leaving or entering the house but will trigger continously on headlights reflecting on it. Changing motion sensitivity has not helped. Changing to people only mode has not helped. These issues started on 11/20. I understand patches or firmware may not be flawless, but it would be great if Ring acknowledged the issue and worked in a fix. If this persists, I will have no other choice but to replace my Ring with hardware/software that performs better.