Ring Pro false motion alerts

I’ve recently picked up and installed a Ring Pro.

Its works ok but I’m getting a number of false motion detection - by this I mean its picking up motion outside of the zones I’ve defined on a regular basis.

The Doorbell looks onto an elevated path which is around 15 feet away where people have public right of way and its used often.

I’ve read a number of articles here and so far I’ve tried:

  • installing wedges (ring pro wedges) to reduce the ring down by 15%

  • created 3 zones that sit back from the pathway

  • switched on human detection only

I’m still getting 3-4 false activations per day. The tweaks I’ve made appear to have made no difference to motion alerts which is ftrustrating to say the least given the cost and effort of doing the mods.

Can I get some assistance here so that this can be fixed? I’ve run out of things to try.

Prior to purchase I didn’t realise this was what amounts to ring customer service. So many unanswered questions for so many major issues with the product.

What options do I have for returning the product if I cannot resolve?

Hey @cheechy. Nice job in the troubleshooting you have already done! Thank you for outlining what you have done and explaining it in detail here. Could you show us a video example of what the false motion detection video looks like? In addition, please share a screenshot of how you have the zones set up. Lastly, when you say you have human detection on, are you referencing that you have enabled people only mode?

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