Ring Pro - dorbell stucked on circling blue LED after closing WIndows app live view screen

I usually use WIndows app for answering doorbell.

I noticed that after I click on notifications in Windows (which is shown after someone press doorbell button) app is opened on live view whic is great.

In live view there is hang up (red) / answer (green) icon. If you don’t answer you can click red “hang up” button or you can click X in top right corner like you close all other windows apps.

If you use red “hang up” everthing is ok and Doorbell goes back to “idle” mode with white LED circle.

BUT if I use X for closing live view doorbell is stucked on round circling of blue led. I don’t know if it goes back to “idle” after some time, but if not, than no one from that time on can’t use doorbell.

It looks like dorbell never goes to “idle” if live view is not closed with “hang-up” icon …

Hi again, @akulp! Whenever you pull up the video feed for your camera or doorbell, you are accessing the “Live View.” Even if you don’t answer the live view, the video feed is still being recorded and stored for you in your event history. Therefore, your Pro will still be in an idle status for that time, and will eventually go back to the normal state of doing nothing, with no light pattern.

Thank you for answer. That’s clear but please read my last sentence. My problem is that “Ring never goes to normal-idle state again”.

Usually Ring goes to normal state pretty quick, but in case written on my first post, I was waiting for about 10 min and it never goes back …