Ring pro doorbell will no longer detect cars

as of 4 am today my ring pro doorbell stopped detecting car motion but will only detect people! The People only mode is off. I have change nothing on my settings.
Any suggestions?

@julie99 is everything else working like doorbell presses etc?

Same here, as of sometime this morning. I’m not getting motion alerts; i.e. cars. Only “Person Detected” alerts are appearing, but not even all instances; I walked out to test and it didn’t detect me. My “People Only” mode is off.

Doorbell presses are working.

@ChrisS1 Have you checked your motion sensitivity settings to see if these have changed. Also try cutting the power to the doorbell for a couple of mins and then power it up again.

Setting haven’t changed. I’m unable to cut the power at the moment but will report back when I do. Thanks.

Same here!! Please someone help!

I am having the same issue!

Me too! I am no longer receiving motion alerts or recordings, only people. People Only Mode is off.

Same here- just randomly stopped recognizing motion besides people- going to try calling customer service later but not holding a lot of hope for fix- called them earlier and they told me to toggle ‘people only’ off, but it was never on- :expressionless:

I am having the same issue as of yesterday morning. I just got off the phone with customer support and they said their team is working on it. Our doorbell is also having an extreme delay in presses and notifications. My husband rang the doorbell at 9:07 this morning and we got the notification at 9:12. The house chime did ring at the same time as the doorbell press.

Both issues were escalated up and they said I should get an email notification in a few days about the issue.

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Same issue with both doorbell and indoor cameras.

I am having the same issue. The change occurred during the night while we were sleeping! Was there an update that was downloaded?

The same thing just started happening to me. It only records people now, but I want it to record all movement like I have it set for. People Only mode is still set to OFF, and my other motion settings are still just as they were. I tried turning People Only off and on but it didn’t help. I hope customer service will post an update or solution.

I also started having the same issue yesterday morning. I’m set to detect all motion, and even tried turning people motion on and off, changing my zones, changing the sensitivity, changing disarmed vs away

Mine is now working properly.

Check out the ring status page. Looks to be a system issue which is being investigated/resolved.

Thank you for the continued feedback here, neighbors! We’ve shared this with our teams, and as mentioned on our Status.Ring.com page, our team is working hard to investigate and resolve the matter. We will keep you updated here and at Status.Ring.com with any updates. Thank you for your patience! :slight_smile:

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Mine just started working again about 5 minutes ago! Yay!

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Great news @Kiri! Glad to hear this is working for you.