Ring Pro doorbell video not activating

My Ring Pro activates live video quickly but will not activate when the doorbell is pressed. It alerts the ring but timesout without activating the video.

The rssi is noted @ 35. Wifi and power well within range. I have tried it on other phones and it does not activate. I installed an extender to boost signal to no avail.

Hi @Mermyster. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what error message you’re receiving when you try to access the Live View? When someone rings the Doorbell, you should be able to tap on the notification to see who is at the door. If you’re having Live View concerns, you can check out our Community Post here which may help if the Live VIew isn’t working properly.

@mermyster - I just read your post and I’ll throw out a thought. In my case I have only requested wifi notifications/interactions with the ring doorbell. Can you/do you have a tablet or laptop (no cellphone connection) and see if your scenario changes ? Or have the cellphone access you wifi network directly.

Just a thought.