Ring pro doorbell short recordings and no live view over 4g

Hi! I have 2 isseus that may or may not be connected. Recordings are very short. If omeone rings a bell its w seconds max. Motion perhaps 7. Further: live view takes ages over wifi and doesn’t work at sll over 4G. I wifi connection is very strong and fast. 4G shoud be fast enough. Tested multiple locations and other services, which worked well, like netflix. Does anyone have an idea? Oh, come to think of it: the bell stopped working 3 times in a fow last month…

thnax! Wouter

Check the RSSI strength of the device:


It’s likely not related to you smart phone connection or your router’s speed to the internet. Issue is the wi-fi between the device and your router (they may be too far apart or there is too many obstacles between them)

Thanks Crazycat! Strangely enough it might indeed be the wifi. Although it is next to the router (wall between though) the signal strength I have measured is -68 so too low. I guess that’s it. I’ll have to tackle that issue and see then.
Thanks again, Wouter