Ring Pro doorbell seems to be rebooting after a button press/ring event

I have a Ring Pro doorbell, and wasn’t able to view the video feed after a recent doorbell press. Reviewing logs on my home network (Fingbox), it looks like the camera is going offline for ~10 minutes about once a week, presumably after a button press.

The inside chime is still ringing, it’s just followed by the camera rebooting. When I open the Ring app, the thumbnail shows the person who rang the doorbell, so the doorbell starts uploading before the reboot (maybe from the motion as they walked up).

I had a problem a couple of years ago, where the doorbell wasn’t reliably ringing my mechanical doorbell, so I upgraded my transformer to a 30VA unit. As far as I know, the mechanical chime is reliable, it’s just the doorbell rebooting that sometimes happens.

While testing the unit, things worked every time, so this is definitely sporatic; I’d seen some alerts from Fingbox, but didn’t pay that much attention, and didn’t realize how often it was happening, until missing this today.

I read some comments on the Ring community on Reddit, mentioning an internal battery that isn’t user servicable.

Anyone having similar issues?

Hey @just1Rick. Thank you so much for detailing your experience! At this time I highly recommend to give our support team a call here to address this with them so that you do not run into any issues down the road.

I am currently having the same issue with my Ring Doorbell Pro. The reboot on button press started happening after about 2 years after the doorbell was installed. Things I tried:

  • Replacing the Ring power adapter attached to the mechanical chime
  • Replacing the doorbell transformer with a 30vA version

Neither of these resolved the issue. I called Ring support and they told me I needed to replace the doorbell. They said it’s out of warranty so I would just have to buy a new one. They promised to send a 35% off coupon code, which they never did.

Ultimately, the way I fixed it was by turning off the mechanical chime trigger. In the Ring app, go to Settings for the doorbell, Device Settings > General Settings > Doorbell Chime Type and set it to none. This should allow the doorbell to function without rebooting. To know when someone rang the bell, I setup my Amazon Echos to play a chime with the doorbell button is pressed. This is done via the Alexa app, by adding the Ring skill. Once the skill is enabled, the Alexa app should detect the doorbell and add it as a device. Then go under Devices > All Devices and find the doorbell device. Tap on ito open the settings and enable Doorbell Press Announcements. If you have an Echo Show, it will actually pull up a live camera feed from the doorbell when someone rings it, which is great.

Ring also sells wireless chimes that plugs in to an outlet. That may work as a replacement for the mechanical chime, but I didn’t try that. Ultimately, the ‘fix’ is turning off the setting for the Ring doorbell to trigger the mechanical chime and use another method to be notfied when the button is pressed.