Ring Pro doorbell has video coloration issues (pink) and Nest Hello swap

My Ring Pro has a strong pink discoloring issue. Tried to get help from Ring customer service but they could not solve the problem. Set the device back to factory settings, power cycled the unit and did several other processes with no success. Ring technical support then stated the device was shot and I needed to purchase a new one. Very disappointed as the doorbell is only a couple years old. Did anyone else have this issue?
I am thinking about changing to a Nest Hello Doorbell as apparently Ring products do not have a long life. Does anyone know if the Nest is a direct replacement for a Ring Pro (from an installation standpoint)?

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I’m having the same pink discoloration. Did you switch?

I’m having same issues as well no luck yet

Hey neighbors. It looks like neighbors in this thread here have found a solution for this.