RIng Pro Door Bell and existing digital door bell

HI All
I couldnt find anything that matched my issues and to be honest i am pulling my hair out

I have a Ring Pro 2 door bell connected to the ring transformer . This in turn is connected to my KAKADU. I have for wires going into the chime so joined two one feed and one to the bell push. The other two wires i have joined to the chime.

I have put the diode in behind the push but the bell doesnt work. The push lights up blue and red. When you push it the chime on the bell push works then goes dead.
I have tried the diode both ways, if i push the test button the KAKADU chime that works. If i cut the chime out of the circuit then the Ring Pro 2 works!

However putting both together and nothing much happens anyone got any ideas where i am going wrong? please

When I searched for Kakadu in Ring’s help center, I found this:
Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 Chime Kit Compatibility List – Ring Help
There’s a link at the top for info if you are in Europe.
There’s also this ( Video Doorbell Pro 2 Installation guide – Ring Help)
If none of those help then a call to Ring Support ( Contact Us – Ring Help) is likely a next step.
Be aware wait times can be long and it may take a couple calls before you find someone that can assist you.

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Hi SolarEclipse Many thanks for the response.

The Kakadu is on the list of compatable KAKADU premium classic music
I take it the Pro Power kit is only for mechaical chimes? I did wounder if i needed one but the chime is digital so i am guessing it doesnt need one.