Ring Pro does not work with FIOs

I used the Pro Ring/EERO Base Station for several months before I realized that it was the culprit that was knocking my Fios offline several times daily. Sure wish the company had made it clear that this product will not work with Verizon Fios. After my backup cell minutes ran out after a month, I should have known something was wrong. It was only after having Verizon install new equipment that I figured out that by plugging in the EERO router, I was crashing my connectivity. Now I’m stuck with a worthless brick EERO base station. Hopefully this message will save someone else from wasting much time and money. I applaud Ring’s tech service for telling me the truth about EERO and FIOs. Please, please make this much clearer to consumers purchasing your products.

Hi @marklap. I’ve verified with my team that FIOS will work with the Ring Alarm Pro. Since this has to deal with the Eero portion of the Ring Alarm Pro, it would be best to contact Eero support to assist you in troubleshooting this concern. You can find that information here.