Ring Pro directly to transformer

I recently purchased a ring doorbell pro. I have a very old existing doorbell, however it’s not worked for a long time. That is to say I don’t think the chime works anyway and I’m not worried about it working.

So I pulled new wire through from my old doorbell to the transformer. So I was going to connect the Ring Pro directly to the transformer. There are a couple possible concerns though. First, my transformer is putting out 25.3V so a little higher than the 24V listed. Upon researching to see if this slightly higher voltage is a concern I came across the next concern. I’ve found multiple posts/articles that mention you can’t directly wire to the transformer without something else inbetween. I’ve read different things though I’ve seen some posts that say I need a resistor, others say either the Pro Power Kit or the Advanced Power Kit.


Hi @Dwain77, thank you for being a part of the Community! You will want to use a Pro Power kit for this installation type to regulate power.

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That’s exactly what I did. I was thinking that the Pro Power box had to be inside the chime. I wasn’t thinking about just wiring the box in line with my cable to the doorbell. It’s working great so far.

Thanks for the reply.

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Happy to hear it was helpful. Thank you for joining the Community and for being a great neighbor!

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I tried wiring my new PRO directly to the transformer and the transformer overheated almost immediately. So… does anyone know how to do this with the existing doorbell wiring? If there is a way to do this, I would get rid of my old chime system and plug in a ring wireless chime for my PRO doorbell and my doorbell 2(which is on my side door). Any help out there?

I wired my Pro directly using the Pro Power kit inline and haven’t seen any issues. Maybe your transformer is underpowered?

My setup is Transformer - Pro Power kit - Ring Pro. The Pro Power kit can be put on either line, just cut the cable and push the ends in the bypass like you see in this article.


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I did the same as @Dwain77.

I replaced my 20 year old 16V 10VA doorbell transformer with a new 16V 30VA transformer.

It wasn’t clear to me if there would be any added benefit using a 24V transformer instead of a 16V.

My Ring Pro works great with the 20 year old doorbell chime.

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Like Natey, I also replaced my old 16V10VAC transformer with a newer transformer. I chose a 24V40VAC model, and I’ll also be using the original mechinical chime in the house. Have a Ring Pro arriving this week so I’ll see how well they play together.

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Just replaced a transofrmer (10/5) with a new 16/30VA. However, it seems “Hot”. A friend of mine asked if I needed to add a Resistor. Does anybody know?

Hi @ItsAWrapVideo! The Video Doorbell Pro does not need a resistor, but it does come with a Pro Power Kit which should be installed. Check out our wiring diagrams for a visual on how this should be installed. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


My Power Kit box does not have a sticker to peel off to use in ‘bypass mode.’ Given I do not have that, do I need to use the resistor instead in between my Doorbell Pro and transformer (direct, no doorbell)?

Hi I also have a Ring Pro 2 doorbell and was having some voltage issues. The indoor chime was also not ringing. So I used an older pro power kit v2 (pro kit v3 didn’t have bypass) so I could bypass it in the chime box. Was that ok to do?

I’m also going to try to install a 24V/40VAC transformer using this current setup. Do I need to add in a resistor ? Or should I leave as is?

Hi @Tony8959. Do not use the Pro Power Kit v2 with the Ring Pro 2. You should be using the Pro Power Kit v3 with the Ring Pro 2. There is no need for a resistor, as the Pro Power Kit v3 will ensure the correct amount of voltage is used.

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Hello - New here and to Ring Pro 2. I have insufficient power after installing, and also the humming. The transformer is in attic in a location that cannot not easily be accessed without safety issues. I also cannot use the adapter with transformer built in. I see where the Pro Power Kit V2 could be used to bypass my old doorbell, but I have the V3 which doesn’t have the two holes available as V2 does. Is there a solution such as with the Pro unit to use the V2 direct wire to bypass? Thanks!

Hi @GwenJ. For the Video Doorbell Pro 2, you’ll need a transformer with 16-24 VAC/24VDC, 10-40VA max, 50/60Hz. If your transformer doesn’t meet these power requirements it could be causing the insufficient power message you’re receiving. If you aren’t able to locate or access your transformer, you can consult a qualified electrician to help locate it and check the power output.

It’s also important to ensure that your chime kit is compatible. You can find a list of compatible chime kits for the Video Doorbell Pro 2 in our Help Center Article here. If your chime kit isn’t compatible, you may need to replace it with a compatible one. With a compatible transformer and chime kit, you shouldn’t have any insufficient power concerns or any hummung.