Ring Pro cracked button

Mine broke too!! This should be the most durable items on the unit! Ring… shame!


mine is worst

03-30-21- I just went outside to reconnect my Ring Pro doorbell to my new Nest Wifi and saw the push button was badly cracked. I called Ring customer service and told that my 4 year old Ring Pro was no longer under warranty and there were NO fixes for this problem. I was, however, offered a 35% discount on any new Ring doorbell purchased directly thru Ring. It’s crazy that they haven’t figured out how to offer a replacement button or cover after all these years. I’m not sure that I am ready to replace it as it is still working fine. I may just keep it and put some silicone over the button to seal the cracks and wait for it to die.

Hi - I have the same problem, a cracked push button 18 months after purchase. Phoned the ring contact centre who asked me to send a photo and offered a replacement device which they say will be with me in about a week. Very happy with the response. Am in the UK and have ring protect basic- not sure if this made any difference. Did have a two year warranty with John Lewis who we purchased through who provided no help at all as they said it was accidental damage and would not be covered. Ring 5 stars, John Lewis 0 stars.

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Our Ring Pro is north facing and in a porch, so doesn’t get any direct sunlight, however we’re on our third unit in two years. The second unit was the new improved one, so I don’t think they’ve cracked this yet!

Hi If you haven’t already, go on etsy website where there is a shop with a range of different designs and colors.

I got a red one almost a year ago and it is still looking great.

This seems to be a common problem. Unless you are within warranty period, or have the full pro subscription taken out when you got your doorbell Ring may not do very much as they cant just send you a replacement button - they would have to supply an entire new Doorbell…

If thats the case, save the money and do what i did - just replace the button yourself - plenty available on eBay that are much better quality then the original.

Here’s a guide :

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Cracked Door Bell button - Fuming !!!

Manufacturing defect and such cheap rubbish by Ring. Just got off customer service with insulting 30% discount. You can buy £10 door bell that will last 10yrs. I buy premium product and expect the high standard of workmanship and service. How disgraceful and low standard from a reputable company as Ring not to replace the faulty product that is not fit for purpose when it is only 2.5yrs old!!!

I was surprised to see how many people have cracked and damaged pro doorbell buttons when I was looking for a replacement part for my newly discovered cracked button.
A ten-dollar part puts the whole unit down; that is not right.
This is mine:

I replaced my door bell button: Ring provided no support aside from providing a forum.
It cost me $20.00 for the new button. It was relatively easy to replace, just a bunch of tiny connections screws and some double-edged foam tape. Interestingly enough the most difficult part of the task was to remove the inferior button. It could be UV but I am not certain the strongest part of the failed button were the parts which keep it attracted.

Ring should provide replacement parts.

I’ve been reading this post and also have a cracked RingPro button that half of it fell off already. Not in direct sunlight. I’m in Hawaii. How and who can I order a replacement button from? I don’t have a 3D printer… Thank you.

Need help With mine. How can i have one printed Too??? Please help!!

Where did you Get that button?