Ring Pro cracked button

I called after my button broke after a few years and they offered me a 35% discount on a new doorbell. Why give them more money for selling junk? This is how the American car manufacturers made money until the foreign manufacturers showed them that quality sells.
I did try waiting for a supervisor but after 10 minutes I gave up. Going to find another brand.

I too have a Ring Doorbell Pro with a crack that is nearly identical to those I have seen in this topic. This is definitely a design defect. They should have a recall for these. 2 years or 6 years, doesn’t matter.

I just got off the phone with Ring and a competent and polite customer service rep knew exactly what the problem was that I described. I sent him a photo and he is shipping a new replacement out to me. I should note that I do have a Protect Plus Plan which extends the warranty. I believe this particular Ring Doorbell Pro is more than two years old But as I stated, it is not a component that should fail like this.

Mine was 2.5 years old - basic plan only, after reading this i was expecting a fight…

I didn’t even have to argue - they just offered a replacement straight up. Top class service.

Count me in. My Pics look almost identical to everyone else’s. On with support now, offered 35% discount. I explained that even apple will replace a battery (or at least a huge discount) when they realize a design defect.

If a “button” is not designed to be pushed or an “outside” button is not designed to be exposed to the sun, it’s a design defect or materials defect.

Waiting on a supervisor to approve. My agent “never heard of this issue”. Doh.

I wonder how many folks would be willing to pay about $50 including shipping both ways to have a ring authorized repair shop simply swap the button. I’m usually a DIY guy, but I’d rather not use a 3rd party part especially if I have to disassemble to unit to replace the button.

Of course, even my 18 y/o daughter bought a $49 iphone battery kit online and using a video swapped her moms iphone battery.

So what I did was use some silcone chalking and a 1 inch furniture slider. Digged out the foam of the slider and added enough chalking just to fill the furniture slider. Then put it on the doorbell and place a sign there for 2-3 days asking people not to press it. its been working for over a year now. that said i have had server issues with ring services lately… but at least no more cracked buttons right? LOL!

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Yes, here in The Netherlands the same experience. more then 2 yrs old, but will receive free of charge a new one . Ring well done!!

I am also a victim of the well known “cracked button”. As adviced I’ve reached out for support at the German hotline, but my device was out of warranty since six months. So no luck and the only result were empty phrases about customer satisfaction and an offer for a discount on the next purchase. I really regret any purchase of Ring products and I will not buy any of them again. And all this after I just ordered the “protect plus” plan. No wonder why customers will move to prodcuts of other manufacturers. Unhappy customers will lead to very bad advertising and competitors are getting better …

I ordered my replacement on Etsy, can’t wait for it to arrive!

Hi Rene_S don’t give up just yet, you can still buy affordable nicely designed ring pro buttons from a UK shop on etsy that ships internationally.

I bought a red one from there a few months back and it is still looking like new and people actually comment about it’s unique design

good luck and stay safe

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I ordered a Ring Pro from Amazon Dec 19. Within 6 months the button cracked so Amazon replaced it around Summer 2020. 6 months later the new one has now cracked again, Ridiculous, I am on the phone to Amazon again. They are saying because the original one was bought in Dec 19 I am out of warranty, even though they sent me replacement 6 months ago! Totally livid.

Currently reading out my consumer rights to Amazon as we speak. As I pointed out to them I purchased the product from them which was replaced 6 months ago and its now faulty again, They need to replace it, they tried to get me to call the phone number to ring which is a premium number and I refused.

In the end after a long argument they agreed to refund me for the Ring Pro so I can purchase it else where, and return the doorbell to them.

So I have taken that and will be looking for a better device.

Hi guys
I’m on my second ring doorbell pro, the first button cracked which was replaced by ring , the second has now cracked, which they say they wont replace, it baffles me how they can get away with an obvious fault ? Was thinking of upgrading the cameras around my house but I will now be looking elsewhere rather than ring

I have the same problem, is there a permanent solution?

I have sme issue cracked doorbell

How are you doing how would i go about ordering a button for a ring pro?

Thanks, I just replaced my button and it works fine and looks new again. :slight_smile:
I got mine from ebay, but also from the UK.

Same problem here. Was offered a discount on a new doorbell because mine is out of warranty.

Wish they would replace mine, it’s out of warranty so they say to buy a new doorbell. Why - for the cheap materials and poor service?

Hi Jennifer. I was heartened to read your comments but upon calling the number supplied (from Australia) was informed that being out of warranty, this was not Rings problem. So either your post was made only to give the appearance that Ring cared about its product quality or you are serious and this will be addressed? Which is it please? I note that I am unable to leave any reviews for this product so can only assume the former? kind regards