Ring Pro cracked button

I called after my button broke after a few years and they offered me a 35% discount on a new doorbell. Why give them more money for selling junk? This is how the American car manufacturers made money until the foreign manufacturers showed them that quality sells.
I did try waiting for a supervisor but after 10 minutes I gave up. Going to find another brand.

I too have a Ring Doorbell Pro with a crack that is nearly identical to those I have seen in this topic. This is definitely a design defect. They should have a recall for these. 2 years or 6 years, doesn’t matter.

I just got off the phone with Ring and a competent and polite customer service rep knew exactly what the problem was that I described. I sent him a photo and he is shipping a new replacement out to me. I should note that I do have a Protect Plus Plan which extends the warranty. I believe this particular Ring Doorbell Pro is more than two years old But as I stated, it is not a component that should fail like this.

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Mine was 2.5 years old - basic plan only, after reading this i was expecting a fight…

I didn’t even have to argue - they just offered a replacement straight up. Top class service.

Count me in. My Pics look almost identical to everyone else’s. On with support now, offered 35% discount. I explained that even apple will replace a battery (or at least a huge discount) when they realize a design defect.

If a “button” is not designed to be pushed or an “outside” button is not designed to be exposed to the sun, it’s a design defect or materials defect.

Waiting on a supervisor to approve. My agent “never heard of this issue”. Doh.

I wonder how many folks would be willing to pay about $50 including shipping both ways to have a ring authorized repair shop simply swap the button. I’m usually a DIY guy, but I’d rather not use a 3rd party part especially if I have to disassemble to unit to replace the button.

Of course, even my 18 y/o daughter bought a $49 iphone battery kit online and using a video swapped her moms iphone battery.

So what I did was use some silcone chalking and a 1 inch furniture slider. Digged out the foam of the slider and added enough chalking just to fill the furniture slider. Then put it on the doorbell and place a sign there for 2-3 days asking people not to press it. its been working for over a year now. that said i have had server issues with ring services lately… but at least no more cracked buttons right? LOL!

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Yes, here in The Netherlands the same experience. more then 2 yrs old, but will receive free of charge a new one . Ring well done!!