Ring Pro cracked button

Hi benramadan,

How do I go about ordering one of these from you, don’t see a DM functionality on here.

I live in London,


I did post my email address but it was removed. I have an email account with California’s favourite search engine based tech giant, and my username is the same as it is here! Get in touch and I’ll post one to you.

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Hi Benramadan,

Sent you a message. If you have any buttons left I’d like to get one.


My ring doorbell isn’t even a year used. After a very hot day for a couple of days I’ve seen a crack on the button. It is definitely a design flaw. I don’t understand that Ring does not want to recognise this issue while I see 14 pages of people complaining about it. A button on a doorbell needs to be durable. This one is obviously not. This is a very bad quality button. Ring needs to recognise the complaints and needs to send people with these issues a new spare button.

Comical that I just got off chat with support about this—asked if this was normal and he said “no”. 1-year warranty and an obvious design flaw.
Off to find a different doorbell camera, so long Ring!

Question? Does anyone have a 3D printer to produce these buttons? It would be worth $20.00 instead of a new Ring to me.

Hi Benramadan,
It’s super nice of you to 3D print ring doorbell pro buttons. I’d like to get one too if you still have any left. Kindly let me know and I can send you my address and I can take care of postage.

I haven’t been able to find a how-to guide/video to replace the button so I recorded a walk-through. Apologies for the choppy editing, and I’m by no means an electronics expert so please only use this as a guide!



Hi Benramadan,

I too need a new button, I would be very appreciative of you could 3D print one for me too…

Best regards

We are currently investigating this issue. In the meantime, we advise you not to replace your doorbell button. Altering the button may damage the motion sensor behind the button and may result in a defective product and/or void the warranty. We will update this thread on any new findings from the team. Thank you!

Yes hopefully RING decides to fix the issue because my button cracked after the warranty was up. This seems to be the case with many many other people as well. It seems that since RING has not fixed the defect people are dong it on their own instead of having to buy a brand new RING again with a discount. Why buy a RING again if the doorbell button breaks after a year or two?

Thanks Jennifer, yes it would be great to have a resolution from Ring rather than having to take matters into our own hands. My Pro was out of warranty when the button broke (and ultimately fell off completely), so with no button and the electronics exposed to the elements my Pro was non functional anyway. Seems I had nothing to lose trying to fix it - in either scenario, I have a broken doorbell. I agree if you’re in warranty, speak to Ring and don’t DIY.

Hi Jennifer, I appreciate this is being looked into, however my doorbell button is cracked right now and the open to the elements which will get in and destroy it. How do I get a replacement? Clearly from this forum it is a common a very known issue. Regards

I was really hoping that I got a lemon, maybe a Monday-morning-built part, but seems like I’m a member of a very large group…while resetting the wifi on the Pro i noted the same defect, a crack from the center of the button down. My unit is about 2 years old and does get a late-afternoon Texas sun on it, but surely the part should survive that. Looks like the engineers at Ring did an excellent job, getting the Pro to last just beyond the warranty period.

I also called to see about servicing/repairing it, but no joy. I really don’t see myself spending another $250 on something that has to be replaced that quickly…time to warn others of how we’re being treated I guess.

same story here but my Pro is NOT in any sunlight throughout the day. Its under a covered balcony so weather related excuse does not fly with me. Its a BAD design and Ring/Amazon knows it.

Very surprised they have not stepped up and taken care of the problem. Hope they reach out with a fix to this.

I just wanted to chime in.

My doorbell has never been in the sunlight either. The button started cracking a year and half into ownership. It’s unbelievable that a simple part such as this cannot be user-replaced.

Since my doorbell was no longer under warranty, I dumped Ring and moved to the Eufy doorbell. Instant alerts, no more issues and less than half the price with no monthly or yearly fees for cloud.

We need to vote with our wallets or we will keep getting ripped off with such companies.

Add me to the list of people with a cracked button on a lightly used ~2 year old Ring Pro. I have the protect plan so I’ll be calling for a replacement tomorrow.

Well that is a nice theory and maybe that impacts some Ring Pro installations.

However, our Pro unit is less than a month old and installed in the upper hall of an office and it cracked.

The material feels like a plastic that is not designed to flex easily. The button does not provide immediate feedback like the standard ring 2 and 3. When I test it I realize that I can fill a slight click using less pressure than would cause the plastic to deform inward.

Unfortunately, the feedback level is so trivial that most people push real hard and then eventually give up pushing and then the bell rings and lights become active.

It really only requires a gentle press for it to detent slightly and if that pressure is held briefly then released it will trigger the bell. UNFORTUNATELY THAT IS WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION TO PUT ON A SIGN ON THE DOOR AND EXPECT PEOPLE TO READ AND FOLLOW.

IT IS MORE THAN JUST SUN that causes these to fail unless they sent me one that had been left out in the sun before shipping.

We purchased a standard model 2 or 3 and it was burning batteries at an accellerated rate even with a transformer installed. They provided a RMA and trade for the PRO for the difference in price and I thought our troubles were over.


Our device was received as a supposedly new device less than a month ago and it is cracked because the design calls to people to press hard expecting some feedback that never comes.

Jennifer, how long do you suggest I sit and wait for updates? I have an issue now, I am in warranty subscribe to the Ring protect plan buy you won’t presently replace the unit. Ring really needs to deliver on their responsibilities here and replace these faulty units, and not at a buyers expense, purchasing a second unit at a reduced rate is a joke.

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