Ring Pro continues to go offline and now won't enter setup mode

I bought and installed the Ring Pro last Wednesday (11/27/19). I noticed it lost wifi connection the next morning. We were heading out of town so I couldn’t mess with it too much. I finally got it to work again once we got back to town on Saturday (11/30). It actually just got back on wifi without me doing much. It then lost wifi connection the next day. Then found it again. And…it lost connection a third time sometime between 5:00 pm on 12/02 and the morning of 12/03. It hasn’t worked since. Now I can’t even get it to enter setup mode. The last reported voltage from 12/02 was 4039 mV.

I tried holding down the button on the side for 30 seconds to make it do a factory reset. That didn’t work. Now all I see is the top part of the circle is blinking blue. I’m ready to just return this thing and write a terrible review. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I’m haveing the same issue. Hope someone give us an answer to the problem.

I also facing this issue. Blink on blue colour on top then turn off the power of the doorbell. Who can help this

Have you tried a power cycle? I’d recommend turning off the breaker associated with the front doorbell for about 10 mins. Then turn it back on, the device should automatically reconnect. If not, you’ll have to take it through a new setup.

Try switch off from the power switchboard. After 30mins then resume back the power. The ring doorbell can come with blue blink on top of circle light. After few mins then the light turn off. I ya e check from app. The voltage was in good status of 4262 mV. I don’t think was from power source issue.

Same issues. I have power cycled Ring from the breaker switch. Came back once but has intermitently stopped working. I have had my Ring Pro for a couple of years not. Getting really discouraged.

Just in the last few weeks, I have started having the same problem. Was there a firmware update that broke something? Every few days I see my doorbell is disconnected from wireless. The only thing that will make it reconnect is to cycle the power. I’ve had this 2-3 years with little to no issues. Now it’s at least weekly that I have to reset the power.

I also cannot find where there is any kind of diagnostic log that will allow me to see if the doorbell was having any issues before it disconnected. Were there wifi issues? power issues? something else? When I am connected, power is good and wifi is good.

As a follow up my Ring Pro is working again… for now. My Ring Pro has not been very reliable for the past month. It seems to lose wifi connection, even though it is connected to Chime Pro, which is 10 ft away from my router. I have the mechanical doorbell kit installed. It’s been installed since the day I installed my Ring Pro back in 2017. But it seems like the Ring Pro loses power as well. I disconnected the Pro Power Kit and left it disconnected for a few days. Reconnected it today and the doorbell is working again. Device Health check shows Voltage at 4009mV and Signal Strength at RSSI - 35. Both good. I am not connected to my Chime Pro and have the doorbell connected to the router directly. So, we’ll saw how long it stays online. But for now things are working.


Glad to see you have a solution.

My doorbell pro did the same thing. I disconnected from power and reconnected it to see the blue light blink twice on the top half of the ring. Then nothing. I couldn’t find anything from Ring’s troubleshooting pages.

Voltage was 18.6v when i used meter to test. Oh well. hopefully it works again after few days of disconnect.

I finally reached out to ring. They are sending me a new one. I’m hopeful that I won’t experience this problem again. One thing I learned was to make sure my ring is connected to my 2.4 GHz wifi instead of 5 GHz wifi. Of course, I learned that AFTER I couldn’t connect it anymore. I’ll make sure I set up the new one this way and keep my fingers crossed that it works.

I wouldn’t say I have a solution, but it’s working for now. I plan to reach out to Ring Monday to let them know what has been happening and hope the doorbell stays working till then so they can connect to it if they need to.

I have had same issues the last few weeks. No internet connection and no history.
when I try to hook to router it says can’t join. No sure what’s going on with this thing but it’s not very reliable.

I did get it to hook up today around noon for a few hours and as soon as I left the house I got a notice about a ring notification but when I went to look at it no internet?

Hey neighbors! If your Video Doorbell Pro is falling offline, the best things to check are the primary required resources. Check out our Community post about RSSI to ensure your signal strength is optimal for connection. If you are using the 5 Ghz connection, I recommend trying the 2.4 Ghz wifi frequency.

The next best thing to check is the power readings and wiring. Please check that the wiring is not too thin, or corroded, and the transformer is rated for 16 - 24 VAC. If the above checks out, and these concerns persist, please reach out to our support team, at 800-656-1918, for further assistance. :slight_smile: