Ring Pro Connectivity Issues

I have the Ring Pro Doorbell, and I’ve had it for a while it’s actually been in the box for about 4 months because it was useless but I’m trying again and hoping I get answers here. The story goes, I initially bought the doorbell set it up and everything, I mean everything worked flawlessly, it was great. Then they did an update and started adding new features like snapshot, which initially also worked amazing but shortly after that snapshots stopped working completely, just blank timelines of nothing. I also cannot use the live view function, it fails every single time. When someone rings the doorbell it works perfectly fine, but motion alerts work except I have no video for the motion alert which is useless. Ring support keeps telling me that my device is disconnecting from the network too often but every time I check the network signal from the ring app it’s RSSI-55 to 60 but never higher than that, even right after I try to do a live view and it fails … something has got it be happening here that is out of my hands. Any thoughts?? I’ve used extenders directly next to the door with RSSI around 35 - 40 but it did the exact same thing and there’s no point in putting an extender there if it’s not helping. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Sobehall. I suggest performing a reset on your Ring Pro and then reconnecting it to wifi. To reset it, press and hold the Setup Button for 20 seconds, then release. Once you’ve done that, you can reconnect it to wifi. If you continue to have issues, try connecting the Ring Pro to a wifi hotspot. This will let you know if you are encountering issues that stem from your wifi network. I hope this helps!