Ring Pro connection issues

I’m able to connect and view via “Live View” with no issue from phone and streaming is perfect.

However, when I attempt to connect after receiving a notification from movement or press of the doorbell, it either never connects only to received the “Your phone is having trouble connecting to Ring” message or finally connects long after the person has left the area. Signal strength is displayed as good.

I’ve tried many options using different extenders and moving my hub but to no avail.

I’ve also read on some forums this could be an issue with the device itself and that Ring have recalled some Ring Pros as a result.

Can you help?

Hey @alexcat168. Could you download the Rapid Ring app and tell me if you have the same thing occur when you get a notification for a motion or ding alert? The Rapid Ring app was designed to help load Live View when getting notifications of events!

Sounds like what was happening with mine. I believe the tech called it a ‘dead on ding’ issue they have seen before. Of course we went thru a lot of other troubleshooting and ruled out interference, power issues, connectivity problems both to WiFi and to the digital doorbell inside. Everything checked out and the problem persisted in both the ring and rapid ring apps on android and iOS systems. Talk with tech support and see if they come up with the same diagnosis. Good luck.

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