ring pro + chime pro + Echo Show5 setup

I just got this product set and set it up. I am still playing with it and got a few questions.

  1. When I snooze motion detection, why does Chime still make noise when there is a motion? Chime is connecting to Ring and it should get the same setting as Ring.

  2. When door bell is pressed, can Echo Show automatically switch to show video?

Hey there, @margosa! That motion snooze feature is only exclusive to the app notifications. To also snooze the Chime sound, you can go into Devices > Chime > Chime Snooze! To get your doorbell’s live feed show up when your doorbell is rung, you will have to download the Ring skill in the Amazon Alexa app and set up that feature through there. You can learn more about that here.

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Thank you for the reply. I have Ring set up in Alexa apps and Echo show will tell me so when there is motion or door bell rings. I have to ask it to display the live view. Is there a way for it to display the camera automatically whenever there is motion or door bell rings?

It does not do that. It’s been asked for many times. Hopefully they look into adding it soon.

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Really? Is it hard to do it?