Ring Pro can’t connect to wifi on day 2

Had Ring Pro installed professionally and it was perfect for day one. Since then it tells me it can’t connect to my wifi. I have reinstalled to no avail. Help.

We had that problem too. Seems that we had to upgrade on our internet numbers. We were at 10 and increased it to the max of 50, and then it connected without a problem. The hidden costs of this doorbell for us was our internet speed was too slow and had to be upgraded.

Hey @TSas! If it connected just fine during initial installation, the best first step would be to check your wifi resources to ensure nothing fluctuated since. I recommend connecting your Video Doorbell Pro to the 2.4 Ghz network if it is on the 5Ghz frequency currently, as 2.4 Ghz works best over distance and through exterior walls.

Something else worth checking is the Doorbell Pro’s Device Health in your Ring app, to ensure the voltage and RSSI readings are sufficient for operation. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: