Ring Pro ask for 16-22 volts. I have a 30 VDC. Any issues?

A little confused. (Not unusual) I have three doorbells on my house all terminating on the same centralized bell chime. Transformer putting out about 28vdc. Is this OK or do I need to replace it. Goes to a mechanical chime. Also, because it accepts three door bells there is a mess of wires. No markings on the chime, all wires are exactly the same bell chime wire. Anyone have an easy way to figure out front and transformer contacts? I have to do this ten feet in the air. Nothing is easy in life. There goes the “simple” , “20 minute installation”

Glad you asked @Gevino! Our Video Doorbell Pro requires a 16 - 24 VAC transformer, or power supply. If the mechanical chime kit also requires a DC power supply, this would likely need to be changed as well. To see if your chime kit is compatible, take a look at our Chime Compatibility List. Additionally, check out our help center article about power and the Doorbell Pro for more tips on installation. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

You say the Pro Doorbell requires 16-22 volts AC and it will draw up to 20VA (no chime). The kits supplied in the UK (Europe) include a 24V, 15VA transformer ( Ring part no. AUBT1-24) . How does this comply? Is there an assumed volts drop between transformer and bell push? Is it at the upper edge of voltage input and straining to provide enough current? Is the European device differnt in terms of its power requirements?

Cheers Robin