Ring Pro and high temperature locations


Recently bought and installed a Ring Doorbell Pro to go along with my Ring spotlights. After installing I’m finding that in high heat situations like we always have here in SW Florida the inside doorbell will now ring because of thermal protection on the doorbell itself. Further I understand this (I’ll call it a feature) kicks in when the internal temperature of the doorbell reaches 120 deg. Well in SW Florida and my front door having a western exposure I’m hitting this 120 deg threshold every day from about noon till sunset (7-8hrs) that my interior bell doesn’t ring and this is our fall season. I’m sure this will get worse come next spring and summer. I’ve called your tech support which had no recommendations or corrective actions to take.

I would suggest your developers re-write code to allow for a higher internal temperature of at least 150 - 175 deg before thermal protection kicks in or develop a hardened unit which can withstand and operate under extreme heat conditions and offer existing owners a free or low cost upgrade path to a new unit.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Currently over 120 degrees Fahrenheit is outside of the Ring Pro’s operating temperatures. I do know a few neighbors that add mini covers to help shade their device from the sun to help lower temperatures in overly sunny and hot areas. Hope this helps!

Do you have recommended mini cover to use and website or store to order from?