Ring Pro - Alerting of events, but not storing them.

Earlier today, we received alerts that an event had occured (via phone, buzz / notified us). Once the events ran through the notification process, I’ve been unable to find those events which should be recorded to my ring cloud service. The subscription isn’t up for another 7 months, so it’s not subscription related. Are there any known issues surrounding this? The transfer wouldn’t be the issue as I didn’t have a drop in connectivity during this timeframe at all. It has also been ~7hrs since this happened, still nothing within the Ring storage. Anyone?



Hey @BoiseRings, could you reach out to our support team here regarding this if you have not already? They will be able to address what is happening with the video storage and why it has gone amiss. Additionally, please feel free to let us know what they were able to do for you as this may help another neighbor that runs into this.