Ring pro 3 security deficiencies

My neighbour had the ring bell but stopped using it, stating that it needed charging too often and the process was a hassle. So I bought this door bell ring pro 2 from Bunnings as it was much more expensive than all other models, it had pro in its name and it was hard wired which overcame my neighbour’s problem I thought.

Just a few days after installing the unit my mother and I were attacked by a tradesman at our home and seriously physically injured. The police used the footage to charge the tradie with assault and we were able to use the video to prove that the perp knew my mum was behind the door when he kicked the door in, which saved the day because the police kept trying to claim he had no idea she was there.

I was thanking the Lord above for ring and having fantasies of asking Ring if we could make an appeal to the public to please get themselves a ring bell, each and every home in Melbourne after what happened to us. We would still love to do that but haven’t yet reached out as just days after the attack we started encountering some problems which we assume was related to our attacker trying to get revenge.

We would come home and find the digital clocks flashing meaning the power had been cut. We would check the ring cloud as we didn’t get any alerts that someone tripped the sensor, only to find gaps where the power was out. I had assumed wrongly, obviously, that the unit had some sort of limited backup battery to work during power outages. But it did not, as far as I could tell. So the vandals were simply turning off the power. This left the bell powered down, and also the wifi.

Both of us now having PTSD and terrified even to go out front alone where I was strangely and we both were concussed during the attack, I became beside myself knowing how easy it was to shut off our Ring and therefore the protection we so valued more than ever.

I started wishing I had bought any of the battery versions and just hardwire the charger to be always attached so that we can flick it on when we need without taking down the bell and it also would work as a UPS or a lip battery. Does anyone know if you can keep the charger plugged in in that way or what solution we could use for the power? Or is there a way to connect a power bank as a backup?

I also was thinking how I could connect a portable modem with a SIM card so that if the electricity cut the wifi, the bell wouldn’t be without internet and thus cloud recording and remote access. But the net setting is so fiddly and difficult it’s not that easy to change networks. So if the power cut could it even connect to the 4G battery powered modem by itself? Doesn’t appear like it. What if I made the SSID and password the same? Then it might connect all the time and use the limited mobile data instead of the unlimited NBN, which we don’t want.

I don’t know what to do. We don’t want to sink out $500 by having to buy a whole new bell with a battery.

We’ve also had to attach the bell to the door, that way if whatever happened to my mother happened to anyone opening the door in future, wherein we are attacked while standing inside the house rather than outside, the bell will actually film both outside and inside the doorway at the same time and capture the attack (fortunately I was already outside during the first attack so I was strangled and had my head bashed onto the door while struggling for air whilst completely on camera. But my mother having the door gash her face and the blood spraying all over the foyer and the tradie coming into the house and screaming at her while she is on the floor with blood pouring out of her face, was not on video. With the bell on the door it has a perfect view but the wire comes out from the back of the door and so we have this permanent wire we don’t know what to do with.

If anyone can help with suggestions please send them our way. If anyone here does not yet have a ring doorbell or does not have it mounted on the front door, please do it. If you use the corner mount, mounted directly above the door handle, with the thin part of the mount being on the side of the bell matching where the door hinges are, it should show all of what you need outside and also inside when you open the door towards you from inside.

Ring corporation if you see this please let us know how we can communicate with you and maybe use our footage of the attack from our beloved Ring pro 2 to help convince others just like us to install such a valuable device.

I can’t say that in our case it was a deterrent because I told the tradie he was on camera but he said he didn’t care. Psychos tend to act like that I think. However, it captured the vital evidence we needed for the upcoming trial which is just as valuable. It will also deter non psychos in future, and maybe even this guy from coming back - but only if we can stop him cutting the power, of course. I hope they lock him up and throw away the key thanks to that video. Trial is in April.

I hope that no one would have to suffer what we suffered, as we are still sick. My mother officially turned 80 two weeks ago. She didn’t deserve this and a permanent scar across her eye. But sadly the world has become like this, and Melbourne authorities promote crime, at least where I live. So take control of your own destiny and get yourself a Ring doorbell. If we can overcome these power backup and net backup issues we would be sorted and can breathe easy.

I wanna thank everyone in advance for any assistance you could render. And thanks Ring for this forum and all the wonderful users and readers. May prosperity, safety, and happiness accompany you all your days.