Ring Pro 2

New Ring Pro 2 will be available on the market this week.

2 questions I am wondering -

  1. I currently have the Ring Doorbell Pro installed professionally to the fuse box. I am wondering if the ring pro 2 is a straight swap of the doorbell with the old ring pro without needing to alter its current wiring setup and straight using the current wires on the Pro 1?

  2. My current Pro 1 is quite blurry using the night vision and looking at its videos - will the Pro 2 be much clearer and focused?

Many may not know the answers yet as pro 2 is only just been in the market but I would like to know the answer to the above prior to my decision to upgrade.


These are great questions, @greddyuk! Please confirm if you are in the US or UK, and I’ll be happy to provide specific information for you, about wiring and installation of the Video Doorbell Pro 2.

In regards to video quality, you will see our Community post by @Riley_Ring highlights the Video Doorbell Pro 2 Head-to-Toe 1536p HD+ Video feature. Looking forward to your response, and assisting further! :slight_smile:

Hey, @greddyuk! I wanted to return with some additional information I’ve confirmed with the team.

If you are switching from the Video Doorbell Pro to the Video Doorbell Pro 2 the holes will match up to make for an easy swap out. If you are based in the United States or Canada it is important that you make sure to swap in the new Pro Power Kit included with your new Video Doorbell Pro 2 as well. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I am based in U.K. does the transformer near the fuse box need to be changed?

Probably not as the Pro and Pro 2 have the same power requirements. 16 - 24v. If the transformer you have now powers the Pro 1. It will work with the Pro 2 going by the specs.


Hi. I thought this was proper thread to ask this… We are building a new house and I already ordered hardwired Pro 2 with chime. Was it a mistake? We live in Finland so there is a transformer included. I thought there would have been a power kit also to connect doorbell straight into transformer (via power kit). But no, there is only the transformer. So shall I return this or is it possible to connect without existing doorbell/wiring?

Hi @Nypa. It is possible to connect your Ring Pro 2 without an existing power source. All you will need is the Ring Plug-In Adapter to complete this. You can find more information on this here. I hope this helps!

Hi @Tom_Ring
I already ordered Hardwired Pro2 with Chime and have it in my hands. There is DIN Rail transformer included. Can I use that to connect Pro2 straight up or shall I return this package and re-order different set (which is with Plug-In Adapter)?

I read something about Pro1 that there could be used 50ohm 25W wire wound resistor when powering with DIN Rail transformer. Is that needed with Pro2 or even possible?

All you need to do is get power to the transformer and then wire the Doorbell in. If you have a lighting circuit near the front door, anything to get a live feed into the transformer. You can then put the transformer into a small single din enclosure somewhere out the way. You don’t need resistors etc that is only if you have a mechanical doorbell. If unsure get an electrician in, they will be able to wire it all up in half an hour.

Hi @Nypa. You can chose either option for wiring you Ring Pro 2. The Plug-In Adapter is ideal for neighbours who may not have wiring going to their mains. If you do have Doorbell wiring going to your mains, the included transformer will work for the Ring Pro 2. I hope this is helpful.

Hi @Tom_Ring. Okay that’s clear. We will have a technical room and this DIN rail transformer will be mounted in or by the side of our main electrical board housing. Hook the transformer to mains and wiring goes to front door to the Doorbell. Got it. My electrician will do it.