Ring Pro 2 Way Audio Different To Doorbell 2

Is the 2 way talk behaviour meant to be different on the Ring Pro to the VDB2? I had the DB2 for a few weeks, then decided to change to the Ring Pro and hardwire as the battery life wasn’t great, but I’ve noticed when using 2 way talk on the Pro that when I speak the audio from the Pro is muted until a second or so after I finish speaking. This means that alot of the time you miss the first part of the persons reply, or sometimes they talk over you a little bit, but because it’s muted on their end you miss what they say.

This didn’t happen on the DB2 and while I was talking I could still hear audio from their end, meaning if they started talking before I had finished then I could still hear them, it just seemed a better experience when using 2 way talk and I’m wondering if this is by design or if something isn’t right somewhere?

Hey @ChrisC29. Do you mind sharing with us a video example of what this sounds like? I would love to hear what you are talking about! This does not seem like the way it should be though, so please check out our Help Center Article here for more ways to troubleshoot this concern.


Had a terrible experience with an Amazon driver that kept talking before I’d finished and I couldn’t hear a word she was saying. Whole experience was just frustrating, so I returned it.