Ring Pro 2 w/ existing mechanical chime in UK?

I’ve been reading posts for the past hour and still haven’t been able to figure out if I’m already in a good spot with existing my wiring setup to support using my existing mechanical chime with a Ring Pro 2

  • Ring: Ring Pro 2
  • Mechanical Chime: Byron 771
  • Transformer: Bell CUB1-01 (8-24v // currently set to 8v // CUB1-01 | BG Electrical)
  • Location: UK

Fortunately, the mechanical chime box and transformer are easily accessible if need be.

In my ideal world, I’d be able to just connect the existing doorbell wires to the back of the Pro 2 and have my existing mechanical chime work, but I’m getting the sense it will be more complicated than that. Thinking at the minimum I’d need to up the transformer to 24v, and potentially to buy a Pro Power Kit v3 (which is annoyingly sold out on Ring’s site!)?

Any confirmation based on the above would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @soccercrzy. It looks like your mechanical chime is not on our Pro 2 chime compatibility list, so I cannot say if it would or would not work with the Pro 2. Your power is good to power on the Pro 2, and if your chime doesn’t work, you can use a Ring Chime or Echo device as an indoor chime.

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