Ring pro 2 transformer

I just installed a pro 2 doorbell, it is working fine. Doesnt ring my existing chime, but just discovered mine isnt compatable (will just get a ring chime, no biggie).
However, when checking device health it shows in red 15v, poor voltage. Power level 1. Do I need to swap the transformer if its preforming ok? And if I do, how do I
know which one to swap ( we have front and rear doorbells-ring only on front. So there a 2 transformers on breaker box labeled chime)? 1 reads Chime 16v, and the other Chime 5VA 10 V. I can only attach 1 pic. Thanks!

Hi @user17933. You could probably test the transformers by loosening the terminal and removing the wires from one at a time and seeing which one is connected to your Ring Doorbell at the front. If your Doorbell is connected to the lower voltage transformer, it could be causing low power concerns.

Additionally, do you have the Pro Power Kit V3 installed on your chime kit? Since your chime is incompatible with the Doorbell Pro 2, you can bypass it by connecting your Doorbell directly to the transformer. You would need to twist the two wires together that are connected to the house chime terminals (front and trans) to complete the circuit to your transformer.

If you choose to do that, you don’t need to install the Pro Power Kit V3 when bypassing your house chime. In the Ring app, you will choose I don’t need it when asked Did you install the included Pro Power Kit? during the setup process.

I’ve already installed the kit, so when i remove it and bypass would i need to delete and reinstall the doorbell in the app to select “dont need it”?

@user17933 Yes. If you walk through the setup process again under Set Up a Device in the Ring app, you should then be able to select the I don’t need it option for the Pro Power Kit V3.