Ring Pro 2 Package Detection not working

Hello Community,

I recently upgraded from my Ring Pro to the new Ring Pro 2 and have been trying to get the new Package Detection feature to work. The only way it detects a package is if the package is huge (i.e. at least 36" x 36" x 36") and it placed about 4 feet away from the door. I have my camera angled down about 25 degrees so I can see the bottom of the front door. It worked with a extra large recycling bin and a garbage can but not with any normal size box. I tried shoe boxes (8" x 12", 10"x10", 16"x8") nothing is detected as a package.

Has anyone got this feature to work with normal size packages (i.e. typical Amazon envelop packages or small boxes around 12" x 6" x 4")?

I was on the phone with Advanced Support for over 3 hours and they cannot get it to work. It is a brand new doorbell that was delivered on 12/3/2022.

Any help or suggestions would greatly be appreciated!


Hi @spas. Our Help Center article regarding package alerts does state “Package Alerts work best with medium-to-large shipping boxes. Envelopes, tubes, small boxes, and food deliveries may not be detected,” which could explain why it is not detecting your small boxes and Amazon envelopes. Also, low Motion Sensitivity can influence your Package Alerts’ accuracy; try increasing it to its maximum sensitivity to see if it potentially improves this feature. I hope this helps.

Same problem! My Ring has never detected a package but tells me I have one every time my daschund walks up to the door.

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