Ring Pro 2 Offline


I just installed a ring pro 2 doorbell a few days ago and every night it drops offline. All my other ring devices stay online as well as every other WiFi device. I have a mesh network via google nest WiFi, my last health check shows transformer voltage at 22volts, and RSSI at -57. The only way to get it to reconnect is by removing the faceplate and hitting the button and it then reconnects to the WiFi in a couple minutes. The odd thing is when I hit the button I don’t see any light spinning on the doorbell, it just reconnects. I don’t think I should have to resync the WiFi with the doorbell every morning…

Any suggestions?


Just reset it again. WiFi still good, I’m streaming prime video currently, my speeds are good at 400 down 20 up. RSSI on the doorbell now showing-51 and still have 22 volts.

Not sure about your main issue but the reason you cant see the LED light spinning around the button is that all Pro 2’s have a fault where the LED light is extremely dim to the point it looks like it is not on. If you look very closely it will be spinning, its just so dim you can hardly see it. Few posts on here about it and I have contacted Ring UK support via twitter who asked me for some photos and videos then said it was “being passed to the correct team to look at”. I am hoping its a firmware issue as if its not then Ring are going to have to replace a fair few units.

So it dropped off again. Last health check says 22 volts and rssi of 57. I had even tried assigning a static IP just in case it was having an issue with a dhcp lease.

Maybe I have a faulty device.