Ring Pro 2 motion/recording issues

I just installed the Pro 2 after having my Pro for years. The Pro had image quality issues due to scratches and recorded everything I needed. The Pro 2 has great image quality, I’m getting used to the fish bowl look of the picture, but the main thing I have an issue with is that its not recording obvious movement in the front of my house. I have stripped the Smart Alerts and have Motion Sensitivity to Max, but if I drive away from my house or even back to my house its not catching my car. I have issues in and around my area with mail thieves so I need for the doorbell to record all cars driving by and I live on a cul de sac. Is there a reason its not recording everything? Sometimes it will catch the FedEx and UPS truck but not USPS and most cars and people. Is it just the Pro 2?

kornieme -

I hope you can find a way to get accurate answers to your questions. If so, it would be great if you could post them here.

My guess is that Ring probably deliberately changed motion detection algorithms/capability in Ring 2nd Gen products (for reasons that I would probably object to). This might explain the many complaints on this website (and others) indicating that the motion detection capability in Ring 2nd Gen products is inferior to those found in Ring 1st Gen products.

I wish Ring had done the ethical thing and warned current/potential customers about the motion detection capability differences between Ring 2nd Gen and Ring 1st Gen products BEFORE people purchased Ring 2nd Gen products – so that customers could make an informed decision on whether or not they wanted to purchase such products. Let’s face it… most people would naturally assume that 2nd Gen products would represent an UPGRADE (rather than a DOWNGRADE) of important features.

Motion Frequency? Do you mean Motion Sensitivity? It was mid-way but I set it to Max since mid-way was not capturing motion.

SolarEclipse -

I think the reason the OP is confused is because they purchased a:

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2

If so, there presumably would be no “Motion Frequency” setting available because it is a “wired” (rather than battery-operated) doorbell.

Working with support, getting a new Pro 2 sent to replace the one I have. Its believed that the IR is faulty on the one I got.

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kornieme -

After you’ve had a chance to test the replacement doorbell, I hope you post the results here (for the benefit of other Ring Community members).

Replacement Pro 2 still missed motion from the road and from my driveway. It appears it cannot handle far distances, only motion that is about 10 feet away. I had to exchange it with a new Ring Pro. My old one had scratches on the glass and the doorbell button was in rough shape.

kornieme -

Thanks for taking the time to report back regarding your replacement Ring Doorbell Pro 2 device.

Do you know if they sent you a 2020 or 2021 model?

In other words, if it is a 2021 model… did Ring not bother to fix known motion detection issues in the latest release?

Hi @kornieme. How high is this Doorbell Pro 2 mounted? Is there steps or a incline leading up to the door? Proper positioning of the doorbell is crucial to optimal motion detection. This Community post here has some great information on placement for your Ring Doorbell. Additionally, if you want to share a video or a screenshot of your cameras view, the Community might be able to offer some suggestions to help with the motion detection!

I already got help with support, had to replace the Ring Pro 2 back with a new Ring Pro. If you are a distance away from the street Pro 2 will NOT pick up motion. I needed everything on my street to be picked up, especially since my mailbox it at the street and we are having issues with people stealing mail. Ring Pro works with distance just don’t have the fishbowl view of my porch but I do see all motion on my street.


Thanks for the update, @kornieme!

kornieme -

Thanks for taking the time to post an update.

It’s unfortunate you had to revert to using an older generation doorbell in order to ensure an appropriate level of motion detection.