Ring pro 2 installation help

Hi folks, I need some help installing ring pro 2 wired! currently I am with the ring video doorbell wired which works fine! my mechanical chime is powered with a Friedland (D780) transformer rated 8V 1A , the chime is bypassed with the diode cable between 0 and T and within the ring app it reads 15v. So far so good! Now, with the new doorbell I see the min power requirement is 16v so I was thinking to upgrade the transformer with the new one ring includes although if I do this I understand that I will lose the option to use my existing mechanical chime given I also have to bypass it as per installation instructions! Looking at the U.S. installation instructions I can see they don’t use upgraded transformer but instead a power kit with the existing mechanical chime! Does this kit increase the power from transformer? Do you think if I install only the power kit the doorbell will get 16v and existing mechanical chime will work?

The doorbells with a battery can operate at a lower voltage since the primary power source is the battery and the wires just trickle charge the battery. Ring Pro 2 has no battery, so it absolutely requires a better transformer. I had an old transformer and upgraded it with Ring’s transformer. However, my doorbell chime was also old and did not work properly with the 16v transformer installed. I bought an inexpensive mechanical chime that was listed as compatible on Ring’s website and everything works now.

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