Ring Pro 2 in Europe with 24V DC transformer and mechanical chime

Last week I installed the Ring Pro 2 which is wired up using the supplied DIN 24V DC output transformer and it works correctly apart from the mechanical chime. I’ve tried my existing one which is a FRIEDLAND STOCKPORT SK5 6BP.

Does Ring support mechanical chimes in Europe. After a long call with support I did not get anywhere. They are sending out a power kit v3 but I don’t know if this will change anything.

I’ve tried two different mechanical chimes from the compatibility list:

  • Grothe LTW 1171A 24V AC
  • Honeywell D117 Ding Dong

The grothe I’m guessing is a no go as it seems to be AC but ring only supplied an ac to dc transformer.

This will be the best resource to use for your installation, as it recommends use of the included DIN rail transformer:

When using the DIN rail transformer you will need to bypass your internal chime, as it will provide more power than most chime kits are rated for in order to power the Video Doorbell Pro. If you are using another method of hardwiring to include the chime kit, we recommend consulting with a qualified electrician. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: