Ring Pro 2 hard wired chime

Hi Ring Community

i have a ring doorbell 3 that is hard wired to a friedland type 4
i am in the process of upgrading to a Ring Pro 2.
id like to keep the existing chime.
The pro will be installed with supplied 24v transformer. I have read in the below url. that the chime must also be 24v compatible. so far i am unable to find a 24v compatible chime.

any advice would be greatly appreciated

Kind Regards

Hi @user25890. If you are referring to the Plug In Adapter 2nd Generation as the supplied 24v transformer, then that does not go in line with your pre-existing chime. The PlugIn Adapter goes directly to your Pro 2 without using your chime. You can purchase a Ring Chime to have a wireless chime indoors, or if you have an Alexa device, those can be used as wireless chimes as well. If it is a hardwired transformer, I would advise reaching out to a qualified electrician for further assistance with your concern. I hope this helps.