Ring pro 2 doorbell recordings cutting out if you zoom in

When replaying recorded footage and try to pause and zoom, app says “mmm somethings gone wrong, cant play the video”. Has anyone had this issue and managed to fix it?
I have done all the usual stuff, reset camera, uninstall app restart phone and reinstall app but still have the same issue

Using a VPN? If yes, turn it off.
Try moving a WiFi access point closer (if its not hardwired) to see if it is a connection issue.

no VPN in use and wired through a ring adaptor with 23/4 volts at the device. App says wifi signal is strong

I meant ethernet wired.
It still would be worth a test, temporarily move a WiFi access point closer to the doorbell (on the otherside of the wall is preferred) and see if it works better.

Nothing worked. Still the same problem. Have had massive issue with sound quality too. Didnt have a problem with the old ring 2 doorbell. So much for upgrading to a rubbish product.