Ring Pro 2 Doorbell Not Connecting

I recently purchased a Ring Pro 2 doorbell for the home I just built. Initial setup had issues where it would just pulse a white colored light around the button. Initially Ring support said I must not have the transformer to power it. Well I checked my transformer and it was plenty beefy to handle the Ring. Fast forward about 24 hours and it all started working.

Yesterday I was messing around in my server room and I accidentally disconnected the power to my Google Fiber, knocking my internet offline. I reconnected it and everything came back. Everything that is. except my Ring Pro 2 Doorbell. It’s now sitting out there just pulsing white. In the app it shows offline. I am unsure what to do. I’ve tried taking the face plate off and pushing the side button, but I can never get the light to spin to re-enter the network setup. Please help if you can. Thanks.

@BuddyL33 How much power does your transformer deliver?

Device Health shows Transformer Voltage as GOOD - 19V

Power Output Level 1

Last Reported Signal Strength is fluctuating between RSSI -41 to RSSI -51

@BuddyL33 Are you in the USA or UK? Do you have it hooked up to a mechanical chime? Also are you using the pro power kit?

I am in the USA. I do have it hooked up to a mechanical chime. Yes the pro power kit is wired correctly to the chime.

The doorbell was online and fully operational from approx Oct 28/29 until yesterday when I incurred an internet outage.

@BuddyL33 When you take the faceplate off and hold down the button for 10 seconds what happens? Keep a close eye on the led light to see what it is doing. The Pro 2 has a known issue with the LED being very very dim so it might actually be spinning but you can’t see it.

The light goes from full, pulsing white to nothing for about 20 seconds. Then it resumes pulsing white.

I’ve also tried completely disconnecting the doorbell from any power by physically removing the doorbell as well as switching off the breaker. In both cases it just powers up and resumes the pulsing white. It will never re-enter setup mode.