Ring pro 2 doorbell freez during live view


I’m having problems with my ring doorbell, during live view at the ring webpage the view freezes, image freez and sound freez.

when i clow the view i need to relogin and the problem is instant fixed.

I’m using mozilla firefox for me the most stable, but my guess is when normaly there is is a message that it reconnects it just freez…

can the ring team please listen to there customers and fix the problems, i dont want to get logged out automaticly out of the website… let me just decide how long i want to be logged in…

Hi @RicardoB. The Ring.com dashboard is continuously being updated to provide more features and to improve the neighbor experience, and we have an update that you can find here. Live View support was recently added for Mozilla Firefox within the past two months, so it’s important to ensure that your browser is fully updated.

We also have some troubleshooting tips for Live View in our Help Center Article here. In addition, it’s important to check the RSSI on your Ring Doorbell to make sure your Doorbell has a strong connection to your wifi network, as that can impact the Live View capabilities as well. I hope this information is helpful! :slight_smile: