Ring Pro 2 Direct Sun

Hello, I am installing a Ring Pro 2 by the front door, and about 2 hours in the late afternoon, the device will get direct sun since the front porch overhang is small. I know the Pro 2 has a heatsink on the back. Do you think the device will survive ok there? This is in Texas and summers get pretty hot. The front door does heat up during the direct sun. Other than the 2-3 hours or so, it gets no sun pretty much since its west side.

It will likely survive.
However, in high temps battery life can be shortened so it may need replaced sooner than most.
Also, if the doorbell gets too hot I believe it shuts down (don’t quote me on that) until it is cool enough. Maybe there’s something, that looks decent, that can be placed over/around the doorbell to shade it.

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