Ring power adapter not connecting

I recently purchased a Stick Up Cam Plug-In and I’m having issues with the outdoor power cable adapter. The instructions state that this outdoor adapter is supposed to click into the power cable, like the indoor faceplate plug, but they aren’t connecting.

Looking at the outdoor and indoor faceplates, the connections seem to be different where the indoor connection (on the left) has a cutout for the power cable connection and the outdoor connection (in the middle) doesn’t.

My guess is that this is the reason for the outdoor adapter not connecting properly to the power cable.

Is this how the connections should be manufactured or am I missing something?

Hi @user11602. Thank you for sharing a photo of this, I’ll ensure this feedback gets passed onto the appropriate team. Where did you purchase the Stick Up Cam from? I’d like to let my teams know where the device was purchased, but I’d also recommend working with the retailer you purchased it from to make sure you get the correct adapter.

I purchased the camera via Amazon.

Hi @user11602. This YouTube video here has an example of how these connect together. Let me know if this is the case with the cables you have.