Ring possibly sucking up my bandwidth

I have a Pro doorbell, 4 of the indoor cams and 1 Chime Pro. I have some questions about how to go about limiting the bandwidth for these. I know they NEED bandwidth, but I would like to see about some alternative setups for these.

Would resetting all of the settings and re-adding them to my guest network, or adding a wireless access point to have these all connect to, or even connecting all the cameras to the Chime Pro and have that act as a WAP work?

I have Google Gigabit internet, but my speeds constantly test around 400-600 Mbps, and this is distressing since my wife and I both work from home and do a lot of remote work along with Zoom calls.

@user178 Ring devices on the whole don’t need that much bandwidth. If you have gigabit speeds you shouldn’t have an issue. It sounds more like a Wi-Fi problem. What’s your Wi-Fi set up like round the house? Easy test to see if its ring, turn off the ring devices for a few hours and re-test.

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