Ring plus 3 Netgear range extender connection

I have added a Netgear AC1200 WIFI extender. That network has a different name then my router WIFI network. How do I get my Ring Plus 3 to switch over to that. For example if my router WIFI network name is ABC and my Netgear extender’s network name is ABC_ext. If I open my device health it shows the ABC network name and is not using the extender.

Hi there, @tae111! In some cases, your network and the paired extender will be able to automatically identify the access point and allow connection. Depending on the extender you have, there may be an app or user interface in which you can see devices connected through that extender. If these details or options are not available, the best way to be sure is to change your Ring device network connection. In the Ring app, visit your Video Doorbell 3 Plus Device Health section and choose Change Network. If your extender is broadcasting a different SSID, this should be shown in the available network list. Alternatively, you can tap the “add hidden network” option to manually enter the network information, such as the extender SSID. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I just found out that for this to work it must be a Mesh extender system.