Ring Plans - Leaving me out in the cold with a catch 22 - Can anyone give advice?

I hope someone can help me here. I was an early Ring adopter and packed my whole house with ring devices. I have about 6 cameras, the doorbell, and the alarm. I am such an older adopter that I have a “Ring Standard Plan.” I looked today and it seems now I do not have the services I once had. When I check the dashboard I no longer get the 24/7 monitoring, the cellular backup, and the protection plan. When I go to the website, they have four plans. The higher tear are the pro and plus plans for the alarm that includes the warranty for the hardware but only the top tear includes monitoring now. My “Ring Standard Plan” is no where to be seen, but I do pay 100 per month which gets me into the plus category. But for what I am paying, if I am in the plus plan I should be getting everything but the cellular backup and the monitoring. So I naturally call in and I am told that I can definately upgrade. I am willing to do that to keep my extended warranty and protection plans. After a long hold I was told I would have to cancel my current plan and start the pro plan. If I do that I will loose all protection on my current hardware since they cannot simply upgrade me. Since all of my hardware is over a year old I do not qualify to get my cams and ring hardware covered on the new plan. I have had the alarm and the protection plan for 5 years and take care of my hardware, and basically asking them to take my money for an upgrade. This seems like a catch 22 to get us old adopters off the extended warranty. I have to admit I am pretty upset that I have been a loyal user of ring and now I am caught in a catch 22. I lost the functionality of my alarm system without even being notified as it is no longer being monitored, and in order to upgrade to get my alarm system monitored again I will loose my extended warranty coverage. I am really upset about this. Anyone know what I can do? The people on the phone stated there was absolutely nothing they could do. I heavily invested in ring with 6 cams, door bell, pathlights, alarm etc.

Thanks for the reply solar. Apparently my plan is so old I cannot upgrade as the choice is simply not there. Hence this is why she is saying I have to cancel my current plan since it was grandfathered in apparently. I do feel like it is a bait and switch but something someone could do quite easily on the admin side of things. I have never had a company not want to take my money, but I need my alarm system monitored. For 200 dollars a year that is still better than a lot of the alternatives out there.

Hi @ShadowlightZ2. Since the Ring Community is a public neighbor-to-neighbor forum, we aren’t able to see your account or Ring Protect plan details. I’d recommend directing these questions to our support team, as they’re the ones that can see your account and plan information. Based on the information you shared, it sounds like you would have the Ring Protect Plus (1st Gen), which you can read more about here. However, I would still recommend following up with our support team to get a clear answer regarding your Ring Protect plan and ensure that everything is in order.

Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. Feel free to report back in this thread on what solution our support team provides, as it could help other neighbors who may be in a similar situation to you. :slight_smile:

Hi Caitlyn,

This is the problem. I have called the support team and was told there was they didn’t know what to do. I mentioned that above. My dashboard says for the 100 dollars a year I pay I should have monitoring for ring security system, but I do not have my extended warranty. If I go to your website at Protect Plans | Home Alarm Security Monitoring Service | Ring 24/7 monitoring suddenly is not in my plan as well as the alarm cellular backup. So which one is right? What I see on my dashboard or what is on your web site? I want to upgrade but when I have called they told me I could not upgrade without cancelling my plan and starting a new one. The catch 22 I am in is that I was told if I cancel my plan (even for 30 secondes to upgrade) i will loose my extended warranty coverage. So I cannot see what benefits I actually have and cannot upgrade because my plan was grandfathered in. I would be fine if I can get it in writing that I will still get the same service, but do not want to find out my alarm is not being monitored when I am out of state or out of the country and someone has stolen half of my things. Hence why I already called the number you suggested and the reply from them was on the orginal post. I did ask for a supervisor and was told none were available.

@ShadowlightZ2 I understand that you want to preserve the extended warranty on your devices as that is a valid concern. However, we don’t have access to your account information on the Community so this concern is best handled by our support team as they can actually see what Ring Protect plan you have and what benefits you have with that plan. I know you mentioned that you have spoken to support already, but I would still urge you to follow up with them and request to speak to a supervisor since this seems to be a special case that may require additional attention outside of the routine support process.