Ring PIN not accessible on Unit for a Wifi update

Hello fellow Ring users,

I upgraded broadband & found Ring 3 offline. The only way to update WiFi password is to enter PIN allegedly founr under the unit. Sadly it’s not accessible because Unit is screwed into the door frame. Please help. Is there another way I can update my WiFi password? I feel really vulnerable without it running.

Thanks in advance for your help.

This may or may not help.

Thank you for your reply and helpful screenshot. Unfortunately, I can’t proceed beyond the Reconnect to WiFi stage as I do not have the PIN code found under the QR on the back of the Unit.

I spoke with Ring Customer Service who was sympathetic (they get asked the question a lot). He said the only way to get the code is to unsecure the unit, me to take a photo of the back, then re-secure the unit to the wall.

If I had known at the time of installation (2years ago), I would have taken a photo of the back or noted the PIN before getting it screwed tightly into the wall. Interestingly, the rep said they suggested Ring create a multi-verification process for customers but apparently Ring are adamant the manual PIN method is the safest/best way of dealing with this for WiFi updates.

Now, I need to find a handyperson with tools to do it for me which will not be cheap :frowning:

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